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Activities and Events

The VMA Throwers Group events schedule is available via the link below – any updates will be published here as the year progresses:-
Throwers Group Program 2016  image
Proposed – Throwers Group Program 2017  image

For information on Throwers Group membership and Throwers Committee contacts, see below…

Throwers Group Membership

Joining the Throwers Group costs only $5 per year; this gives you plenty of opportunities for throwing at our scheduled competitions and training days.  You will also enjoy the use of quality implements at training & comp days, coaching clinics, result sheets for all events, plus a quarterly newsletter (click to go to the VMA Newsletters page and view all the latest Throwers Group ‘Out of Sector’ newsletters).

We throw on selected Sundays throughout the year at Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track ($3 for members and $5 for non-members, however all participants must be financial VMA members).  Training and competition days start at 12:45pm unless otherwise stated. Earlier arrival to help with set up is always welcome.  At the conclusion of activities we enjoy a chat over a cuppa with cake or biscuits – donation of a plate to share or a gold coin is appreciated.

The Throwers are a friendly group and are willing to assist anyone who would like to have a go at throwing on a one to one basis or in a group.  If you have any queries just give one of the committee members a call.

VMA Throwers Committee

Patron:   Joe Ball
Phone E-mail
President: Graeme Rose 9836 2350
Vice-President: Ken Priestley 0417134601
Coaching: Russell Devine 9374 1448
Treasurer: Astrid Rose 9836 2350
Committee: David Wookey 9786 1119
Newsletter Editor: Judy Pfanner 9532 8787
VMA Representative: Graeme Rose (Chair of Champs sub-committee)
AMA Representative: Graeme Rose (Director of Competition)


Throwing Events and the Throws Pentathlon

The throwing events are: Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin and Heavy Weight.  Implement weights are graded according to age group – see table below.  The Throws Pentathlon includes throws with all five implements in the order given above.  Each implement performance scores points for distance and the values are totalled to give a final overall point score.

Equipment Specifications for Masters Men and Women

Age Hammer (kg) Shot (kg) Discus (kg) Javelin (g) Heavy Weight (kg)
Men 30-49 7.26 7.26 2.00 800 15.88
Men 50-59 6.00 6.00 1.50 700 11.34
Men 60-69 5.00 5.00 1.00 600 9.08
Men 70-79 4.00 4.00 1.00 500 7.26
Men 80+ 3.00 3.00 1.00 400 5.45
Women 30-49 4.00 4.00 1.00 600 9.08
Women 50-59 3.00 3.00 1.00 500 7.26
Women 60-74 3.00 3.00 1.00 400 5.45
Women 75+ 2.00 2.00 0.750 400 4.00



In all events specified as VMA events, medals will be awarded to the first three placegetters in each age group for both men and women.  Correct uniform is required for VMA events.