Memberships Available

Membership is open to men and women who have reached the age of 30 years. We also have Associate Membership for 18-29 year olds.

Getting Started

Non-members are welcome to join us in a jog or walk around the track and, if they wish, take part in events once or twice before deciding to join. If you have never competed before, you will find our informal style of competition a very easy way to learn without embarrassment. Our meetings usually comprise a sprint, a walk, a middle distance and a distance race. We also cater for field games at some venues. Men and women compete together in the majority of events. As a self-help organisation, all members take a turn in such things as judging, starting, writing results, suppers, etc.

Some venues organise special events, which usually include both athletic and social activities, and invite the other venues to participate with them in these inter-venue events. On a broader level, the masters come together for state, national and world athletic carnivals which offer great opportunities for travel and friendship combined with athletic endeavour. Further detail on venue activities is available. . . . >> more

Having joined, you are then a member of the Victorian Masters Athletic Club Incorporated and can attend any venue you wish and compete in any competitions that the venue or the club may run. You do not become a member of any specific venue, but a member of all venues.

If you wish to compete in Athletics Victoria competition on Saturdays, you can be registered with our club. Many of our members keep up their membership of an Athletics Victoria club or a professional league and also join the masters for additional activities.

Contact David Sheehan, 0488 213 200, regarding the AV or league fee payable.

VMA ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (Current Rate for renewing)

For lapsed (or new) VMA members there is a joining fee of $10 plus the membership fee.


  • *Paid before Dec 31.


  • *Paid before Dec 31.


  • Living at the same address

If you wish to join by paper entry you can contact

Ewen Wilson
Phone: 0423 424 185

or Contact the Secretary, who will post you further information and the forms you need:

Margaret Hunter 

Race Entry Details

Competitors wishing to enter events conducted by Athletics Victoria, Australian Masters Athletics and other organizations need to follow the requirements as set out by the relevant body.
The VMA marathon is run in conjunction with the Melbourne Marathon. Enter the Melbourne Marathon and advise VMA Secretary of your race number.
The VMA half marathon is run in conjunction with the AV Half Marathon. Enter through the AV website and wear your VMA singlet.
Other events including Browne Shield are entered online. The relevant links are posted in Upcoming Events about 6 weeks before the event.
All events (except the marathon) require a sign in at least 30 minutes before starting time. State Masters Championships sign in at least 60 minutes before race starting time.

Race & Membership Fees

Race fees and entry dates vary with different events, please be careful to ensure that you obtain the correct details for the event that you want to participate in. To participate in VMA events you must be a financial member of Victorian Masters Athletics. For details of current fees please see above or ask your local Venue Manager. If you are unsure if you have paid your fees for the current year please contact the Club Registrar,

Ewen wilson
0423 424 185
for confirmation.

Medals and Random Prizes

In all events specified as VMA events medals will be awarded to the first 3 placegetters in each division for both men and women (CORRECT uniform is required).

Any queries about results or medals should be directed to the Club Captain.