Eastern Masters

Our Location

Main session Tuesday 6pm – 8pm and secondary tempo session for those interested, most Thursdays 6pm.

These are our usual training locations but please get in touch with us first as there can be changes.

  • October – March (Daylight Savings period) at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill, Southern car park, next to the toilet block. Ferntree Gully Rd entrance.

Map: https://www.google.com/maps/@-37.9061265,145.2013419,17z

  • April – September at Knox Athletics Track, Bunjil Way, Knoxfield


Everyone Welcome

All members of Eastern Masters support each other regardless of ability. We are not elite runners – we are a group of runners of differing abilities who aim to support each other in reaching personal goals. Slow or fast runners work equally hard and are therefore equally valued and important to our running group.

Contact Us


David Sheehan

Ph. 0488 213 200

Eastern Masters run a training program throughout the year that increases fitness and develops running ability. We do not have a fixed venue, so we are slightly different from other venues because we do not organise track and field events at an athletics club each week. Eastern Masters is supported by Athletics Victoria-accredited running coaches.

The purpose of the training sessions is to either maintain or improve fitness levels. The sessions all include an element of social running, particularly during our warm-up and cool-down. During the training session, we believe shared effort is always less painful!

We do our best to avoid the disheartening feeling of being left behind by organising various groups that run at different speeds and cater for everyone. Quicker groups start after the slower groups on out-and-back routes. We also try to keep the groups together where possible, by regrouping during the recovery period after the efforts.

 There are two sessions per week:

  • Tuesdays: Speed work that includes interval training and short hill surges. This is the main session for the group, matched with the most intensity. It includes faster repetitive-type efforts with a slow jog recovery. Depending on the session, there is a gradual build-up in the number of reps and shortening recoveries, rather than increased speed. The pace is 800m – 3000m pacing, depending on the length of effort. We also include fixed length 400m, 800m or 1000m repetitions. Then there is the Mona Fartlek, created by Victoria’s own Steve Moneghetti, which is an absolute treat!
  • Thursdays: Tempo – a medium effort session. Continuous steady running interspersed with quicker race pace surges.

The speed and tempo sessions change weekly to provide variety and develop running fitness. Sessions include a warm-up and cool-down with approximately 10-15 minutes of easy jogging and stretching.

We try and ensure that each ability group has an experienced member to coordinate and mentor group members. New members will be paired up with another member to provide support for the first few weeks.

Our training program is organised according to 3-month calendar quarters and each quarterly program starts with a social run, with an emphasis on coming together to have a chat and catch-up, before the next block of training begins.


Members will need to sign up for Victorian Masters Athletics membership for insurance purposes, etc.

Social Media

Use Facebook? Please get in contact with us once you attend and we can give you access to our Facebook page!

Stay Well

Especially in COVID times, out of respect for others, if you think you may be unwell or have any of the following symptoms: high temperature, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever and/or a cough, please do not attend. Stay at home, rest and get well instead!