Freezing conditions met the 49 walkers

[including 16 masters walkers] who gathered at Middle Park on Sunday morning for a big range of AV, AMA, VMA and VRWC (Open Men – trophy) road-walk championships. And it was probably even worse for the judges and officials – at least the walkers got to eventually warm up with a bit of vigorous racing!

The 20km events kicked off at 8:30AM with good fields contesting Victorian, Victorian Masters, Australian Masters and VRWC Club Championships so the finishers in each event are displayed below. There were some great walks – Kelly Ruddick (1:36:45) had a great win with a very respectable time, Michael Gillies-Smith (1:54:53) and Sandra Howorth (2:34:04) walked their first ever 20km walks, Karyn O’Neill (2:16:58) beat her PB by over 2 minutes and Barb Bryant (1:59:35) did her fastest time in over 7 years.

View the full AMA and VMA results with age-graded percentages.