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Masters Athletics offers fitness, fun and fellowship across a range of athletic activities for men and women aged 30 and over. Victoria boasts a membership approaching a thousand, whilst the total for all Australian state clubs is over 3,500.The philosophy of the Masters movement is PARTICIPATION.

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VMA Track & Field Championship

Sat. – Sun. 11th-12th February @ Doncaster Athletics Track
$10 per event with 5th event free (last year $20/event)
Entries Now closed as of:
February 3, 2023 23:59 (Melbourne Australia)
New feature:
Teams competition
draft timetable     

“The Great Southern Pentathlon” VMA’s Bradford/Sheehan Pentathlon Championship

 Sun. 19th February @ Lakeside Stadium
$20 entry fee covering all five events
February 14, 2023 23:59 (Melbourne Australia)

New feature:
Teams competition
 Draft timetable     To Pentathlon registration form

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Thanks to all the early birds who have already registered.  Now that it is getting close the rest of us need to take the plunge.

entries close: February 10, 2023 23:59 (Melbourne Australia) 

Doncaster venue monthly Pentathlon on growth projectory

Be sure to check out the videos on our Facebook page

Doncaster is growing in popularity, with 27 athletes there 17/1/23, and 40 who have attended so far this month. Of the 27, 14 participated in the pentathlon, making it our most popular, with only one joining from another venue. It was a big welcome to Deb Garden and Renee Reardon, both members of Doncaster Athletics Club, who seemed to enjoy themselves, and hopefully will be available for the Neighbours Night. Decathlete Warren Hattwich also returned, having just turned 50, and ended up winning the pentathlon. Bernie still leads the competition from David McConnell.

Big congratulations to Bernie McLoughlan, who competed in his first decathlon over the weekend, winning the 1500 metres at the end. His competitors included one former world decathlon champion, and a current Australian pentathlon champion in Mike Clapper. He was there last night, taking it easy!

Gerald Brown was also back from Europe and not pushing […]

WMA Cross Country Championships at Bathurst  RELAY ENTRY

AMA encourages all athletes who are entering to consider the relay events.

Athletes wishing to run a relay event on Saturday (18th February), in addition to their event on Sunday (19th February), must enter the name of their partner or enter (TBA) in the online registration form 

If they enter (TBA)  then AMA Team Manager, Amanda Coombe, will partner where possible all entries to best achieve medal possibilities. Athletes must be aware that there is a possibility that one female or one male may miss out if there are no matching male and female entries.

Note that entering a relay has no additional cost.

M60’s 3km and 5km records demolished by Steve Moneghetti

Steve Moneghetti demolished both the Victorian Masters M60 3km (by 50 sec) and 5km (by 2 min) records at the Velocity meet at Collingwood athletics track on Thursday 1 December
His times are world class for the M60 age group picking off both Australian records and the World record in the 5000m.

  3km 5km
Steve M 9:30.7  15:52.9
Vic Rec was 10:20.04  Now 9:30.7  was 17:52.83  Now 15:52.9
AUS Rec was 9:41  Now   9:30.7  was 16:33.3 Now 15:52.9
World Rec 9:21.38 was 15:56.41 Now 15:52.9

Truly a great running performance by Mona’s. Keep a watch out for the M60 10km track times and also the World Masters Cross Country Championships at Bathurst.

1973 Historic Video feedback

Feedback from the 1973 video of  competition with USA at Box Hill from Pauline Ryan

I feel so lucky to have found this film of the Veteran’s competition at Box Hill.
My dad, Jack Ryan, appears second to Wally Sheppard at about 11.12min in a 1500?? and at 17.37ish he’s filmed coming second to John Gilmore in a 5000??

This was right at the beginning of Dad’s running career, just as he started racing and before he had managed any records. By the end of 1974 he had the World 1500m and 5000m records.  It’s fabulous to see Dad at this early stage as we only have a a bit of video of him running in the 1987 Games in Melbourne.

Link to the Video of the 2 day track meet at Box Hill on 22 and 23 December 1973  ( with sound & length 23:29)
Veteran Athletics Australia USA Melbourne 1973 Dec 22 and 23

Future events

VMA Track & Field Championships

February 11 - February 12

$10 per event with 5th event free for the first time will feature both individual and a teams competition.

The Pentathlon will be $20 overall which covers all of the 5 Pentathlon events The championship for the first time will feature both individual and a teams competition.

Neighboourhood night

February 23 @ 07:00:00 AEDT - 21:00:00 AEDT

Location- Coburg venue Harold Stevens Reserve
Annual competition between four neighbouring venues: Aberfeldie, Coburg, Collingwood and Doncaster. It involves a 4 x 200 relay with ages 180 and above, and 240 and above. One member needs to be female.

AMA Track & Field Championships 2023

March 10 @ 08:00:00 AEDT - March 20 @ 16:00:00 AEDT

2023 Championship at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic centre

Championship website

Championships Registration fee:
Nov 18 to Dec 31, 2022 (to midnight AEDST) Early Bird Registration $80
Jan 1 to Feb 6, 2023 (to 6pm AEDST) Registration $110 Registration $110
Event fee:
Nov […]

Interstate & National News

AMA managers for Bathurst & Torun announced

Amanda Coombes Has been appointed manager for the AMA team competing at the World Masters Cross Country Championship in Bathurst February 18, 2023.

Steve McGugan has […]

World Masters Australian appointments to committees & panels

The World Masters Athletics (WMA) has recently confirmed the following appointments of Australians nominated and supported by AMA to the WMA Committees […]


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AMA standards explained

The AMA Standards are a way to recognise the performances of Australian Masters athletes.   The AMA Standards Certificate becomes permanent recognition of such […]