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50th VMA Annual Report

The 2021 Annual Report is available for pdf download
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Rules for Victorian Masters Athletics Incorporated

The full text of the Association Rules for the VMA (our Constitution), as at 7th July 2007, is set out in the following web page.
A copy of the Constitution is available for download.

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VMA By Laws

The By Laws of VMA were adopted at the AGM in April 2008 and were modified at the May general committee meeting. The changes at the committee meeting were to add the 3,000 metres run to the list of championship events and create a “Register of best performances by VMA members in approved athletic events”. Currently the approved events are : indoor events as conducted by WMA, and the double decathlon. These changes will need to be ratified at the next general meeting of the club which at this stage is expected to be the AGM next year. The heavy hammer has been added to the list of events for record purposes as it was omitted in error from the original list. The updated By Laws with these modifications are dated effective from 12/05/08.

Alan Lucas
Vice President

A copy of the VMA By Laws is available for viewing or download.
The By Laws cover:

  • Management of Venues
  • Conduct of VMA Championship Competitions
  • VMA Performance Records
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Personal Accident Insurance

The Personal Accident Certificate of Currency can be accessed here.

Insurance Certificate of Currency

Venue Resources

The Venue Resources can be downloaded below.

Venue Managers Handbook
Venue Risk Management Policy
Public Liability CoC


AV resources & policies
VMA Communication Policy
VMA Inclusion Policy
VMA Photography Policy
AV Photography Policy
VMA Member Protection Policy
AV Member Protection Policy