Heavy Weight Pentathlon Scoring Calculator

To use the calculator, press  Download calculator.  Open the spreadsheet then select the relevant worksheet.  Choices are;

  • Women Scoring
  • Women Scoring Spare
  • Men Scoring
  • Men Scoring Spare

Enter your performance in the relevant columns.

Download Heavy Weight Pentathlon calculator

Performance Standards


Approximate World Record Level

90% +

World Class Performance

80% +

State/National Class Performance

70% +

Regional/State Level Performance

65% +

Local/ Club Level Performance

The Age-Grade Calculator’s underlying age-grade tables can be applied to five-year age groups or individual ages from 8 to 100. The only official use of the Age-Graded Tables by WMA is in scoring multi-event competitions. But, the Age-Graded Tables have been incorporated into track meet management software by Hy-Tek and others. They are used to determine age-graded winners in many other competitions, especially road runs.