The VMA registration process is temporarily closed.


The member registration list is currently being moved  to a new database.  Registrations will resume during October.

Please note new members who register between the 1st October 2023 and  31st December 2023  will become members of the VMA from date of registration through to the 31st December 2024.

Training and Coaching

The list of locations that operate on every week of the year, so they provide an excellent supplement to your training program. At most venues informal advice is available from experienced athletes. Groups with common interests form and train together at mutually agreeable times. It is better to train in a group than to train alone.

Throwing coaching is available at Glen Eira venue on the Throwers Group timetable and at Doncaster venue. Training under accredited coaches can be arranged. To obtain coaching advice in specific events ask the VMA secretary or venue manager where the experts are.


Higher levels of competition are available when members from the many venues meet to contest medal events. They range from track and field championships to intervenue special events and cover the full range of athletic endeavours, sprints, distance races, hurdles, jumping, racewalking, throwing and multi events.

Medals are awarded for placings in the medal events and championships. Trophy glasses and certificates are awarded for good performances in handicap and age-graded events at the venues. There is also the opportunity to compete interstate at national championships and internationally at world championships. These carnivals are not restricted to elite athletes. The masters movement encourages participation by all members.


Social get togethers are an integral part of club activities and provide a great opportunity to make new friends and share fun experiences. Friendships have even led to the occasional wedding. Each venue night concludes with a bit of supper and a chat. Intervenue events have an enjoyable social aspect which brings members from distant areas together to appreciate each others company.

Ten Good Reasons To Join


Enjoy well organised events


Improve general fitness


Meet a range of new People


Improve overall health


Enjoy helping others get fit


Feel younger than your age


Have fun and make friends


Achieve a feeling of well being


Reduce stress and feel happier


Participate (or perish)