Run Safely Tonight is an initiative of Victorian Masters Athletics in response to the recent spate of joggers being attacked in our streets.

It opens our established network of Venues to all adult runners and allows them to run safely under lights on athletic tracks with other like minded people. Each night we hold a series of sprints, a walk and some longer runs in a friendly atmosphere finishing with supper and a chat.

See our Venues

Turn Up

You can simply turn up at one of our venues between 7-9pm (6-8pm at Geelong) on the appropriate night.

Small Fee

Pay a small fee ($3-$5) to expenses and join in our activities.

Run Safely

If you like us, and what’s not to like, you can join our club for $35 per year plus $10 joining fee.

Be Active. Be Social. Be Safe.

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Run Safely Tonight poster

Run Safely Tonight poster

Run Safely Tonight poster