Doncaster venue monthly Pentathlon on growth projectory

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Doncaster is growing in popularity, with 27 athletes there 17/1/23, and 40 who have attended so far this month. Of the 27, 14 participated in the pentathlon, making it our most popular, with only one joining from another venue. It was a big welcome to Deb Garden and Renee Reardon, both members of Doncaster Athletics Club, who seemed to enjoy themselves, and hopefully will be available for the Neighbours Night. Decathlete Warren Hattwich also returned, having just turned 50, and ended up winning the pentathlon. Bernie still leads the competition from David McConnell.

Big congratulations to Bernie McLoughlan, who competed in his first decathlon over the weekend, winning the 1500 metres at the end. His competitors included one former world decathlon champion, and a current Australian pentathlon champion in Mike Clapper. He was there last night, taking it easy!

Gerald Brown was also back from Europe and not pushing it too hard with his body still not having fully recovered, though he ran a good 800 metres. Warren won three of the five pentathlon events while Daniel Patience won the 1500 and Paul Durrant the discus. Some of the men also competed in the shot put, breaking a couple of records. Rob McPhee gave up scoring well in the pentathlon to set another walk record in the 1500.

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