M60’s 3km and 5km records demolished by Steve Moneghetti

Steve Moneghetti demolished both the Victorian Masters M60 3km (by 50 sec) and 5km (by 2 min) records at the Velocity meet at Collingwood athletics track on Thursday 1 December
His times are world class for the M60 age group picking off both Australian records and the World record in the 5000m.

  3km 5km
Steve M 9:30.7  15:52.9
Vic Rec was 10:20.04  Now 9:30.7  was 17:52.83  Now 15:52.9
AUS Rec was 9:41  Now   9:30.7  was 16:33.3 Now 15:52.9
World Rec 9:21.38 was 15:56.41 Now 15:52.9

Truly a great running performance by Mona’s. Keep a watch out for the M60 10km track times and also the World Masters Cross Country Championships at Bathurst.