Fifteenth John Gosbell 5000 m

Fifty runners from seven venues and the Gosbell family ran in the Jhn Gosbell 500m on the 25th November. Thanks very much to all the people at East Burwood who worked hard to make it a special event.

Pramesh Prasad (Casey Fields) had a convincing win in 19:34. Selma Roth (Doncaster) was the first woman and was second overall with 20:00, followed by Kuldeep Singh (Casey Fields) in 21:07. Russell Dow (Frankston) was just behind with 21:08. Ros Lording (East Burwood) was the second woman with 22:56, and Michelle Quan (Knox) was third with 24:21.

The age graded winners were Russell Dow with 76 % and Helen Stanley (Knox) with 86 %.

Teams were made up four runners with at least one woman. The points for the teams were the runners’ finishing places, so the teams with the lowest points were the winners. In Division One, Casey and Doncaster finished with 39, but the trophy went to Casey on a count back. East Burwood was third with 50, then Frankston on 57 and Knox on 90.

East Burwood won Division Two with 118, followed by Frankston (121), Knox (127), Casey (150) and Frankston thirds (164).