Congratulations to all VMA members who completed the 2021  Melbourne Marathon, which is also the VMA Marathon Championship.

Among the results were some outstanding performances including the following Melbourne Marathon overall age group positions across the line:

  • Vick Thompson   2nd    W75
  • Michael Urey     1st   M55
  • Peter Rushen     1st   M60
  • Peter Black      2nd    M65

First VMA member across the line was Michael Eury (M55) in 2 hours 39:41

First female was Kym Osmand (W35) in 3 hours 33:40.

A total of 35 VMA members completed the marathon, slightly down from the last running of the marathon in 2019.

Age grp Time Medal
W35 Kym Osmand 3:33:40 1st
W45 Ros Lording 4:27:33 1st
W50 Tanya Fiore-Yatomi 4:32:08 1st
W50 Michelle Quan 4:50:51 2nd
W55 Kuni Bowden 4:00:54 1st
W60 Merle Want 4:42:48 1st
W65 Jane Sturzaker 5:19:09 1st
W75 Vicki Thompson 6:52:43 1st
M30 Matthew Hallett 4:51:48 1st
M35 Adam Gregory 3:16:04 1st
M40 Brad Buyck 2:54:32 1st
M40 Mark Shalders 3:16:13 2nd
M40 Jameson Perrine 3:19:03 3rd
M40 Jamie Rae 3:25:33
M45 Pramesh Prasad 2:58:10 1st
M45 Peter White 4:00:37 2nd
M50 Rob Petrie 2:59:36 1st
M50 Mick Bird 3:26:22 2nd
M50 John Papworth 3:53:10 3rd
M50 Norman Workman 4:53:44
M55 Michael Eury 2:39:41 1st
M55 Warren McVean 3:23:22 2nd
M55 George Dyer 3:32:20 3rd
M55 Chris Grafen 3:47:44
M60 Peter Rushen 2:58:28 1st
M60 Syd Bone 3:56:47 2nd
M60 Stephen Murphy 5:14:15 3rd
M60 Chris Worsnop 5:20:41
M65 Peter Black 3:44:31 1st
M65 Greg Moore 3:59:52 2nd
M70 Jim Hopkins 4:45:24 1st
M70 Chris Campbell 5:08:05 2nd
M70 Len Hallett 5:31:56 3rd
M75 Rod Bayley 5:37:38 1st