World Masters Australian appointments to committees & panels

The World Masters Athletics (WMA) has recently confirmed the following appointments of Australians nominated and supported by AMA to the WMA Committees and Panels.  The VMA committee would like to congratulate them all on their successful appointments. VMA members working to make the WMA successfull are Heather Carr and Judy Farrell

Marion Buchanan                            Race Walking Panel                             
Heather Carr                                   Women’s Committee                                        
John Clark*                                     Law & Legislation and Finances                        
Judy Farrell                                     Media & Marketing Committee, Website Team
Wilma Perkins                                 Chair, Women Committee, Member, Organis ational Advisory
Dr Roger Parrish                             Anti-Doping & Medical Committee                    
Lynne Schickert*                             Chair, Organisational Advisory                         
Bob Schickert                                 Competition Committee                         
Jill Taylor                                        Media & Marketing Committee                          
George White                                 Records