World Championships update  4/7/22

the following information has been provided courtesy of Graham Ford (manager at Doncaster venue).

These are currently underway in Tampere, Finland.  Current medalists are:

 Congratulations to Andrew Jamieson with two golds in the M75 walks, while John Bermingham, who came down from Alice Springs to attempt a world record in the M70 mile at the Inter-Venue Challenge, was narrowly beaten in the 5000 metres to win silver, Kevin Solomon won bronze in the M75 800 metres and Susan Howell, who came to help at our last Inter-Venue Challenge and competed in the previous one, won bronze in the W60 800 metres

I did manage to download one and put all the 200 metres finals on youtube:

The results can be viewed at!#d5.7.2022

The next livestream will start at 4:45 this afternoon  (Tuesday 5/7/22)