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John Landy Athletics Field

John Landy Athletics Field is the premier athletics venue in the Geelong Region. The reserve is situated along the banks of the Barwon River and boasts the highest standard of athletic infrastructure in the region. The track is of national standard and the athletic facilities are used extensively by the athletic community and school groups.

The reserve is home to the Landy Field Management Committee who support numerous athletic clubs in the Geelong region.

Everyone Welcome


Everyone, from beginner to elite, is welcome.

Our program is track based, under lights during winter switching to river path runs [3km to 8km] alternating with track events over the summer daylight savings period.

Come along and enjoy yourself – jogging, running, or walking.

Get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Location

Located in the beautiful suburb of South Geelong

John Landy Athletic Field
(off Barwon Terrace)
South Geelong, VIC 3220

Opening Hours     18:00 – 19:00  WED

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MOB       +61 419 314 568

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19 July 2017 Geelong Masters Athletics

When the numbers were crunched in the VMA calculator, it revealed another very tight Mike McAvoy age graded 3000m

This year’s prize goes once again to Dave Elward by the smallest of margins over Grant Simpson.  One second either way and the results will have been different. 

Marie Blood has set a new mark in for the 600m and from next week gets to start the record quest all over again as she enters a new age bracket – Happy birthday Marie.

Thanks to Vanice and Andrew for braving the cold to officiate tonight



David Mitchell    00:49, Alan Jenkins          01:01, Andrew Fitzpatrick             01:03, Gerry Fitzpatrick           01:04, Mandy Dunstan   01:17, Peta Hocking        02:31, Marie Blood         02:31

Mike McAvoy Age Graded 3000m

Grant Simpson   10:01     81.72%, Matt Petersen   11:05     71.06%, Dave Elward      11:53               81.79% – winner, Jeff Walker       13:30     74.24%, Daimon Mole    14:02     56.14%, Alan Jenkins  14:07     62.43%, Daryl Hurst         14:18     66.09%, Gerry Fitzpatrick              15:19               60.61%, Frank Engelsman             15:35     63.53%, Mandy Dunstan               15:45               59.20%, Fiona Fitzpatrick              17:34     58.83%, Cheryl DeBeen  18:28     54.41%, Peta Hocking 19:38     59.85%


Matt Petersen    02:52, Jeff Walker            03:19, Gerry Fitzpatrick  03:40, Frank Engelsman 03:43, Mandy Dunstan 03:48, Andrew Fitzpatrick             04:10, Fiona Fitzpatrick  04:26, Peta Hocking               04:58


Marie Blood       04:29


Next week from 6pm Wednesday at Landy Field we have competition over 100m, 2400m and 1600m

New runners welcome 0419314568

12 July 2017 Geelong Masters Athletics

Welcome to Mandy Dunstan who joined us tonight and ran well over the three events.  Nicholas McDonald impressed in a close 200m narrowly finishing ahead of Daimon Mole, while Matt Pedersen dominated over the longer distances. Thanks to Andrew and Vanice for officiating tonight.



Nicholas MacDonald       28.38, Daimon Mole       29.83, Geoff Anset           37.53, Cheryl DeBeen               44.65, Mandy Dunstan   49.73


Matt Petersen    11:43, Nicholas MacDonald         13:24, Geoff Anset           13:27, Montana Jones               13:56, Alan Jenkins          14:27, Jeff Walker            14:47, Peter Lamb           15:29, Eric Bumbers              15:33, Andrew Fitzpatrick             17:26, Gerry Fitzpatrick  17:29, Cate Shay               17:33, Mandy Dunstan   17:35, Fiona Fitzpatrick  18:52, Peta Hocking        20:26


Matt Petersen    03:27, Nicholas MacDonald         03:46, Geoff Anset           03:51, Daimon Mole               04:06, Jeff Walker            04:18, Gerry Fitzpatrick  04:24, Eric Bumbers        04:34, Alan Jenkins  04:52, Mandy Dunstan   05:06, Cate Shay              05:15, Cheryl DeBeen     05:22, Fiona Fitzpatrick           05:46, Peta Hocking        06:17


Next week from 6pm Wednesday we feature the Mike McAvoy age graded 3000m preceded by 300m and followed by a 800m

New runners welcome 0419314568


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Coming Events And News…

The winner of the Bryan Cole  handicap over 2000m on the 11th March Charlie El-Hage

Charlie and Bryan

Bryan Cole presenting the trophy to

Charlie El-Hage

Jeff Walker; winner of the Ron Campbell one hour time trial

Jeff Walker 2015

Winners of the Keith Bird Mile

held on the 35th anniversary of the Geelong Venue, 13th May 2015

Cathyrn Hoare

Dominic Godfrey  Male winner