The Landy goes to Karen Carah

Landy competitors
The competitors in the Landy 
The top 8 after running a 200m and 1000m made it to the Final of the Landy with the next 8 running in the consolation final. A great night enjoyed by all the competitors. 

Karen Carah winner of the Final with Rob Mayston  (Pres) and Richard Trembath founder of the event.
1 Karen Carah (BH30+) 47.26 (95m)
2 Carolyn Fox (BH30+) 50.54 (95m)
3 Rob Italia (CC30+) 50.75 (62m)
4 Stephen Barker (GG30+) 50.81 (74m)
5 Adam Delbridge (CW30+) 51.98 (48m)
6 Mike Bieleny (KN30+) 52.45 (69m)
7 Leslie Williams (DS30+) 52.85 (85m)
8 Bernie McLoughlan (DO30+) 53.39 (91m)

Andrew Watts winner of the consolation final with Rob Mayston (Pres)1 Andrew Watts (BH30+) 48.40 (85m)
2 Margaret Tweedie (DO30+) 50.10 (123m)
3 Gerald Brown (DO30+) 51.88 (69m)
4 Helen Anderson (DS30+) 53.22 (107m)
5 Matt Banks (MO30+) 53.79 (51m)
6 Mark Purser (DO30+) 54.81 (55m)
7 Yassine Belaabed (WW30+) 55.16 (94m)
8 Jameson Perrine (DO30+) 56.75 (29m)

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