John Landy Athletics Field

John Landy Athletics Field is the premier athletics venue in the Geelong Region. The reserve is situated along the banks of the Barwon River and boasts the highest standard of athletic infrastructure in the region. The track is of national standard and the athletic facilities are used extensively by the athletic community and school groups.

The reserve is home to the Landy Field Management Committee who support numerous athletic clubs in the Geelong region.

Everyone Welcome


Everyone, from beginner to elite, is welcome.

Our program is track based, under lights during winter switching to river path runs [3km to 8km] alternating with track events over the summer daylight savings period.

Come along and enjoy yourself – jogging, running, or walking.

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Located in the beautiful suburb of South Geelong

John Landy Athletic Field
(off Barwon Terrace)
South Geelong, VIC 3220

Opening Hours     18:00 – 19:00  WED

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MOB       +61 419 314 568

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24th Nov 2021

Ben Jordan impressed with a fast 200m win, backed up with a great 1500m. Russ Jenkins warmed up for a record tilt with an clear win over the longer distance. However it was another night out for Fred Barnett claiming two F70 records over 200m and 2000m. New runner Emily McCormack impressed in the 1500m, finishing just behind Ben Jordan after matching his pace for most of the run. Also a new runner welcome to Ali Reza.


Ben Jordan          25.40, Daimin Mole         29.90, John Moore          32.30 Russ Jenkins               41.00, Ali Reza   45.80, Fred Barnett         52.70


Russ Jenkins        08:37, Cameron White   10:28, Paul Stewart         10:49, Alan Jenkins               11:59, Gerry Fitzpatrick  12:02, Kath Oliver            12:23, Frank Engelsman 12:36, Jeff Walker  13:09, Fiona Fitzpatrick  14:21, Jill Coyte 15:11


Fred Barnett       11:52


Peter Lamb         05:45


Ben Jordan          04:55, Emily McCormack              05:03, Dave Palmer         05:13, Darren Riviere   05:31, Cameron White   06:23, Mitch Geall           06:45, Paul Stewart         06:48, Daimin Mole      06:54, Gerry Fitzpatrick  07:06, Frank Engelsman 07:32, Jeff Walker               08:11, Fred Barnett         08:49, Fiona Fitzpatrick  09:08

New week we feature the Jeff Walker self-nominated handicap over 3km or 5km from 6pm Wednesday at Landy Field

New runners welcome.


Masters Weekly Results 2007- to present are available on request

Coming Events And News…

The winner of the Bryan Cole handicap over 2000m on the 10th February; Darren Reviere

Dan Wright; winner of the 2021 Ron Campbell one hour time trial

Winners of the Master division of the Keith Bird Mile

held on the 41st anniversary of the Geelong Venue, 12th May 2021

Jane White

Luke Haines