VMA on TV at Croydon Venue 

Want to be on TV to promote VMA?


As the end of 2023 draws near we look back at what has been a challenging year for Croydon masters athletics, both in terms of participation numbers and just to get our venue back in regular  operation after the lengthy shutdowns imposed. After a year of no track  the good news is that we are still operating every Tuesday and have managed to keep our faithful core of regulars and add a few welcome newcomers to our stable. So, after looking back, the only thing to do is to now look forward. Over the last few months, Croydon members have been engaged in numerous activities to raise awareness of masters athletics, both locally and of the whole masters athletics organisation Statewide. Distribution of flyers, placement of advertising posters at running events and occupying a marquee at last Sunday’s Maroondah festival have helped broaden our exposure.
All these initiatives have taken place whilst ongoing negotiations were being held with a producer from community television, Channel 31, who has expressed an interest in filming a night at the track for the “Eastern newsbeat” programme. The producer, Tricia, was introduced to us through long time Croydon member, Geoff Arnott and we thank him for getting this project started.
Both Croydon and VMA management are in agreement that, whilst the filming will take place at Croydon, it presents a unique opportunity to promote VMA generally and in particular the Eastern suburbs venues which the program seeks to represent. In this spirit, we invite our compadres from local venues to attend Croydon on Tuesday, November 28, to take part. I should stress that the intent of the evening is not to hold an intervenue type competition, but to showcase a “regular” suburban weekday meet, albeit with enhanced numbers. For this reason there are no medals, trophies or annual shields on offer but , of course, prizes for every event and rest assured that the prizes will be slightly more substantial than socks and/or biscuits on this occasion. (East Burwood members may laugh).
The sprint relay teams will be drawn at random on the evening from the list of those registered, in the spirit of the non-venue designated inclusiveness of the event. Croydon will provide drinks and supper for all, so as far as is  possible, if venue managers could forward an estimate of numbers likely to attend it would help us with catering. You can advise us through our Facebook page or directly to me, Grant Murfett at:
Or venue manager, Andrew Egginton. 0408 325 356
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Cheers, Grant.