VMA members collect 7 AMA  2022 Awards

VMA members performed at the elite level during 2022 with two world records and numerous Australian records as well as a plethora of Victorian records being broken. As a result, five members took out Athlete of the year awards along with two AMA Distinguished Service  awards

Athlete of the Year Distance – Steve Moneghetti
Athlete of the Year Walks – Kelly Ruddick
Athlete of the Year Throws – Phil Spivey
Athlete of the Year Jumps – George Schillinger
Athlete of the Year Sprints/Hurdles – Rob Mayston
AMA Distinguished Service  Award – Clyde Riddock
AMA Distinguished Service  Award –  Phil Urquhart

Kelly Ruddick         
WR/AR/Vic Rec 5km W W45 22.47.17 93.84% 26/2/2022 Albert Park
Vic Rec 20km W45 1.36.58 95.03% 13/2/2022 Adelaide
AR/Vic Rec 30km W45 2.33.22 96.22% 15/5/2022 Fawkner Park
AR/Vic Rec 35km W45 3.00.04   15/5/2022 Fawkner Park
oldest ever female competitor at the World Athletics Championships, aged 49.
selected by Athletics Australia for the 35km race walk at championships in Eugene, Oregon. 15/7/22
Phil Spivey         
AR/VR hammer M60 53.74 87.10% 15/5/2022 Murrumbeena
AR/VR Weight throw M60 20.67m 91.06% 15/5/2022 Murrumbeena
AR/VR heavy weight pentathlon M60      
VR 35lb Weight M60 13.57 ? 25/9/2022 Murrumbeena
VR S. Weight 20kg/44lbM60 10.83 ? 25/9/2022 Murrumbeena
Steve Moneghetti        
AR/VR ½ Mara M60 74.24 95.90% 2/10/2022 Melbourne
AR/VR 3km M60 09:30.7 ?? 1/12/2022 Collingwood  
WR/AR/VR 5km M60 15:52.9 98.75% 1/12/2022 Collingwood  
Rob Mayston        
AR/Vic Rec 60m M65 8.02 97.90% 1/4/2022 SAF Nathan
AR/Vic Rec 100m M65 12.5 96.48% 12/3/2022 Geelong
AR/Vic Rec 200m M65 25 99.16% 2/4/2022 SAF Nathan
AR/Vic Rec 400m M65 57.92s 94.18% 12/3/2022 Geelong
George Schillinger         
AR/Vic Rec  PV M75 2.95 95.16% 22/1/2022 Murrumbeena

Service Merit Awards
Clyde Riddock

Services to the VMA and AMA –  records and statistician officer continuously for both the AMA (since 2000) and VMA since1993).
Phil Urquhart
Services to the VMA and AMA – VMA secretary from 2012-2020 AMA board member and AMA President 2020-21