50th Anniversary 3km final medal Results

As a result of a timing confusion at  the 50th anniversary celebration on March 6 only half of those who competed in the 3km on the day received a time. Members who had run in the original 3km on Sunday 6th March and competed in the VMA 3km championship on Sunday 15th May had their results considered for awarding of the 50th anniversary medals.

Final results are:
50th Anniversary age graded 3km results

1st Lavinia Petrie 106.27% (75-78   14:21)
2nd Shane Grund 90.29% (40-44  8:35.67)
3rd Yassine Belaabed 86.72% (70-74  11:33)

50th Anniversary estimated time 3km results

1st  Peter Thorne  0 seconds
2nd Phil  Urquhart +1 second
3rd Jo Cockwill  +3 seconds